Griffon Africa Ltd was incorporated in 2013 and acquired the Hybrid Solutions Group of companies which had been operating in support of remote area oil, gas and major infrastructure projects across East Africa, the Horn of Africa and Arabian Peninsular. 

Griffon is essentially East Africa-focussed with ongoing operations in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. Griffon management, staff and consultants have excellent local knowledge across the whole of Kenya where we have been working since 2006.  Our team have conducted extensive work in the mining, oil & gas exploration areas of the East African mining and hydrocarbon plays. The company is engaged in supporting clients operating in at all phases of exploration from reconnaissance and airborne surveying through seismic acquisition and drilling. Our clients include Pexco Exploration, Tulow Oil, Simba Energy, BGP, Bell Geospace,  Nyota Minerals, New Resolution Geophysics, Tesla Geophysics, Taipan Resources / Lion Petroleum, Global Geophysical, Bowleven Oil & Gas, CEPSA, Weatherford International &  Salini-Impregilio.

Griffon Team:
Managing Director - Richard Leach 
Richard was a commissioned officer in the British Army. He joined Blue Sky Strategy Consulting in 2002 and worked on the Aceh peace process with the Henri Dunant Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue.  He later worked for Blue Sky's training division in the UAE providing a range of practical and leadership training to the UAE Land Forces. He spent time in Iraq as a private military contractor in 2003, initially after the US led invasion and then joined the UN WFP MSS department providing risk management in Yemen, Azerbaijan, Pakistan and Afghanistan.  He joined Stirling Group providing Non-Technical Risk management to Oil & Gas projects for BP, Shell, Chevron and Hess in Algeria, Woodside Energy in Mauritania and Chevron in Kuwait.  He incorporated Hybrid Solutions in 2007 which was acquired by Griffon Africa in 2013.  Richard is also a commercial helicopter pilot with experience on single and multi-engine aircraft. 

Operations Director - Tom Moore
Tom was a commissioned officer in C Squadron of the Special Air Service.  He worked as a private military contractor in Iraq from 2003 until 2008 when he joined Hybrid Solutions Group in North Somalia running the STG project across Somaliland and Puntland.  He then transferred to the Ethio-Somali region with Horn of Africa Facilities Management running NTR for Tesla Exploration.  Tom joined the board of Griffon Africa in 2013 and was instrumental in the Ilemi Triangle operations in North West Kenya. 

Finance Director - Peter King'Ori.
Peter is a graduate of Kenyatta University with a BCom in Accountancy and Economics.  He has been the Griffon FD since company formation in 2013 and is working his way through the CPA qualification process.