FLY Fishing

Griffon can Fly you to the best fly fishing spots in Kenya.  We have 300m of fishing on the Burguret River without leaving the grounds of your accommodation. From here on we offer unparalleled access using our helicopters to take to to fish the Mt Kenya Lakes; Lake Alice, Lake Michaeson in the morning,  Lake Ellis in the afternoon if its clear.  

We have an arrangement with Ragati Lodge to fly to you the Ragati conservancy and fish the most exquisite river flowing off Mt Kenya.  Here you can fish wet and dry fly for trout in a river only recently opened up after decades un-fished. 

The Aberdares Mountain Range is to our west. Within 30minutes we can have you fishing for wild trout on the highland streams and tarns amid the moorland and buffalo.  From there we can drop back down the east side of the Aberdares range to the Mathioya River as it flows through the tea plantations.  Here you will fish on well stocked managed Kenya Fly Fishers' Club waters. 

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Read More about fishing in the idyllic Ragati Conservancy on Mt Kenya following the links below: